Is one or some of those things sound like what you are experiencing at the moment?

  • Have been again passed over on promotion?
  • Trying to figure out a career transition? Not feeling confident you have skills to switch to a different field and/or role?
  • Feel overwhelmed with work and life demands?
  • Think that you are not valued enough for what you do and start to lose confidence?
  • Have ambitious professional goals but afraid that pursuing them could backfire on your personal life?
  • Can’t get your opinions and ideas through?
  • Doing your best to keep your team happy, but it just does not seem to work?
  • Afraid that being “Your Natural Self” could be negatively perceived and block your growth?


Do you feel that time for change is NOW?

Are your ready to commit to do your best to reveal a Natural Born Leader within and confidently move towards your most ambitious goals?


I provide top-level career coaching and leadership consulting, trainings and courses through the «whole» approach that helps you achieve both internal balance and external success. You will be able to become aware and get rid of the well-hidden obstacles that constantly get on your way.


I give you support, information and accountability needed for you to confidently get recognition, career and money that you deserve. And most importantly I help you to enjoy your success journey without negative stress.


I’m convinced that with more women in leadership positions our world will achieve higher level of emotional intelligence and will be safer and more enjoyable place to live.


The first step to our work together is applying to a complimentary Leadership Discovery Session.


This session takes 45 minutes and conducted by phone or Skype.


It is a powerful way to get an external view on situation you are being stuck right now and find out what withholds you from success. We will together identify your exact goals and see how I can support you in achieving them and deal with your challenges. In the end of the session you will receive a professional recommendation on what could be done next to move closer towards career and life that you crave.


Before applying please consider the following:

  • I work with women who want more out of their career and life than they’re currently getting. You must be ready for a change, a new chapter, a higher standard of excellence.


  • I don’t have magical fairy dust to sprinkle on you that will make all your problems evaporate instantly. Career and leadership development is a process, you will need patience and perseverance.


  • I support you in self-discovery, provide accountability, tips and recommendations, but it is you who will do the work. You must understand that your personal responsibility is a key to success.


Apply for a Complimentary Leadership Session ONLY if you are 100% committed about making a change and taking action to create the career you want. The slots for these sessions are limited and being filled very fast. After your application you will be contacted within 3 business days to schedule your session. I’m so looking forward to talking to you!