Maria Lastovka, Senior Manager Business Development at Bosch, Co-founder Thumbs of Europe

If you are looking for a hands-on, no non-sense and encouraging counterpart in discovering your potential -Kat is your woman!

My sessions with her were truly inspiring and thought-provoking and loved every single minute of it. Our sessions took place at 7.45am and starting the day with her energy and positivism was such a treat. While I had just started a new job it was great to have some reflection on how I could improve my productivity, resilience and thrive in a professional environment. She holds you accountable, looks behind your “story” and is incredibly supportive and challenging at the same time.  Highly recommended for anybody wanting to take a closer look at oneself – be it on a professional or personal level.

Gaëlle Anne Besse, Belgium

GaëlleWhen Kat and I met, I was at a breaking point in my professional life.
The position I was in wasn’t fulfilling, I had settled down for financial safety without considering that challenges are what makes the job fascinating.

Despite several attempts and the support from well-intended but probably too indulgent friends, I was stuck and the offers I was receiving were mostly for similar or lower positions.

Strong of her personal and international experiences, Kat guided me through the re-definition of my professional targets, helped me realize what my strengths were and supported me in translating them in a striking CV, enhancing my ambition for a higher position.

Most of us long for a cup of strong coffee or a glass of freshly pressed orange juice to get the necessary kick onto the day, take a piece of Kat to start your new trip towards a better life!

Ekaterina Matveeva, Founder, UK

MatveevaI would recommend Kat to those who have bright ideas but not sure how to start. She will show your unique way, support during your journey and encourage you to go further upon achieving your goals. Moreover, when you face obstacles on your way, she will teach you how to tackle them and never give up. You will become resilient, more confident and independent in your actions.

Kat helped me to focus on my strong sides and triggered the burst of my creativity which brought me from my ideas to real actions like launching of my own multilingual/multicultural school , speaking at the UK Parliament, participating in Memory Championship, settling down in London and more awesome steps are coming!!We met around half a year ago and since then I always knew that problems are not the end of the world, there is always a solution as Kat was there for me.

Please, desire, decide, do! Remember that impossible can be turned into “I’m possible” and conquer this world with Kat! She will be there for you!

Eleanna Gouvra, Project Manager, European Comission, Belgium

I started my sessions with Kat because I had many different ideas of where I wanted to go in my professional career, but had no idea where to start or how to pick and chose the various routes I was interested in following. In short, I felt I was drowning and needed a guiding hand, a push and some motivation! From the start I felt that Kat, with her purposeful questioning, strategic encouragement as well as insights into how consciousness/ subconsciousness works (a personal interest of mine), made me proactive and helped conquer my indecisiveness and fears.

Furthermore, her guidance made me aware of insecurities that were pulling me down, professionally but also, as I discovered, in my private life. She taught me some lessons and techniques, that I am now constantly putting into good use, daily. She did not give me the solution, I had to work for that myself, but she gave me the means, which is exactly what I actually needed.

Jessica Ramos-Byrne, Chief of Staff, Belgium

My experience with the life coaching sessions with Kat was extremely positive. She enabled me to get clarity in terms of what my priorities are and how to align my short and long term goals with my values. She gave me great tips on how to manage day to day obstacles for achieving my objectives. I feel invigorated, confident and ready to take on my days with a new sense of calmness and control.

Personally, I always look for ways to continuously improve myself and this was the perfect way to implement this process to my everyday life. Accountability is key; Kat taught me that and she helped me identify people in my life that can help me keep on track.

My experience was so great that I recommended her to all my friends! She’s a great listener and she’s able to translate your words into concrete conclusions and actions. In the space of a few weeks I saw tangible results and I am really grateful to Kat for her time with me!

Diana Makienko, Senior Service Manager, Belgium


Sometimes you just need someone to push you, to tell you to put all your bright ideas in one bucket, pick out the ones that are worth pursuing and go for it! Sometimes you need someone who gives you the stick or the carrot. Kat has been that one for me.

During few sessions that we had, Kat helped me to move from talking about things I want to, eventually, do (one day, somehow, when the time is right…) to as far as writing a business plan and start implementing it!

And I promised her (and of course to myself!!!) to stick to the dead line and so I will, as much as I want to progress myself I don’t want to disappoint her.

Kat is a young, very driven woman at the start of her carrier as as coach, and in 5 minutes of our first session I was positively surprised by her level of professionalism, knowledge en experience! She takes sincere interest into your concerns and challenges and guides you through the journey of overcoming them using the methods that work for YOU.

Lin Dong, France

Lin Dong

Coaching sessions with Kat are like a journey of self-discovery. I have not been aware that sometimes I was thinking or talking in a negative manner. Kat spotted it directly and suggested a better and more positive way to treat events and situations.

It was important for me to have an outside view on my problems and Kat has helped me to notice and work on the issues I have not been noticing.

Thanks to Kat I have learned to see things in a different perspective, which made my life easier and less stressed. After several sessions with her I felt more confident and comfortable.

Anna Filyushkina, Project Manager & Researcher, Denmark


When I decided to take up coaching with Kat, it was mostly out of curiosity than me thinking that there was something that needed fixing. In reality I was feeding a vicious cycle of being unhappy with my productivity and not being able to perform as good as I am used to.

Our sessions turned out to be a journey into re-discovering and bringing myself back from quicksand of self-doubt and inefficiency. Kat showed herself as real good judge of character and emotions, equipped with a wide range of tools for various situations (from decision making matrices to mindfulness sessions, motivation tricks and advice on CV or workout tips). She has been persistent and demanding, not letting even small things slide.

I did get a clearer view of my options and possibilities, what I am finding exciting and what I should be avoiding, how to motivate myself better and what doesn’t work for me. And most importantly Kat has been instrumental in bringing that confident, smiling and wired with ideas me back, who is looking into the future with open eyes and excitement and knows that anything is possible.

Once in a while we all loose sight of who we really are and what we want, it’s only natural. We just need to press pause and re-assess, before we can get back on that horse. And that was what we did with Kat for me and I would recommend her as guide through your variation of “Eat-pray-love”. You should not expect her to do the work for you, but what you can expect is her being efficient, professional, realistic, and most importantly patient and always there for you.

Sonia Abrantes, Head of Finance, Switzerland

When I decided to start career coaching with Kat, the purpose was to obtain some clarity about my professional life in the future. However, Kat suggested to start with some consciousness sessions first, in order to better work the strengths and self-motivation, a first step that is essential to move forward for whatever we want to do. With these sessions I was incentivized to establish goals and measured them on a regular basis, an effective method that allowed me to better organize my thoughts and push me to realize and not idealize projects. I also learned how to use other instruments in order to better achieve my goals in a more effective way.  Once I incorporated her recommendations incorporated in my daily routines, it really worked and is very powerful.

Lea Pfefferle, Policy Officer, Belgium

LeaI started speaking to Kat during a time of professional uncertainty, hoping to better understand which path I wanted to take in my professional career and how to achieve it. Kat gave me a much needed structure, helped me identify SMART goals and held me accountable for creating and achieving the goals that I set for myself. But I got much more than that.

She helped me think about my goals in a new way, and created a new sense of empowerment to strive to achieve these goals. I also got a better understanding of what my values are and what I can do to live those values even better.

In summary, if you are looking for someone who can spark your thinking, give you a framework for expressing all the thoughts that are certainly already there into a coherent and outcome oriented way, and want someone who is not afraid to let you know when you are slacking, Kat is the person to go to.