Relaunch Coaching Refund Policy

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Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment is due in full (for the whole number of selected sessions) within 72 hours prior to start of the first session. If payment is not received, session will be cancelled.

Payment is to be made through PayPal and credit cards can be used.

Cancellations within 48 hours or ‘no-shows’ are subject to full payment at my discretion and this includes the first session.

First session cancellations will be charged at the prevailing hourly rate (single session rate).


Refund Policy:


  • A full refund is available after the first session (including that session) if you have booked 3 or more sessions and do not want to continue. This does not apply for 1 or 2 sessions.
  • However, you must advise me within 24 hours of the initial session.
  • Failure to do so will result in that cost for the first session at the prevailing rate (single session rate) being deducted from the refund.
  • There are no refunds available on single sessions if cancelled within 48 hours
  • If you cancel all sessions within 48 hours of our first scheduled session or fail to make the call, I will deduct the cost of one session at the prevailing rate prior to refunding you money.
  • If you book the 6 session package and we are finished after 4 I will subtract the cost of the 4 session package and refund the difference
  • Unused sessions may be gifted to a friend or family member in case I talk to this person first and agree to coach him/her.


If you are late for an appointment please understand that respecting following clients, we may still need to finish at the agreed time. However if you have not made yourself available within 20 minutes of our agreed start time I will presume you have cancelled.

If you have any questions please contact me