“Born to Lead” – Group Coaching Programme for Women in Brussels

Why group coaching?


Group coaching with Relaunch Coaching and  Leadarise (a  translatlantic network that promotes women leadership) is an affordable way to put to action those leadership, career and self-development resolutions for 2017. It provides a safe, confidential and collaborative space for getting clarity on your objectives, brainstorming on actions, overcoming arising challenges and supporting accountability in front of the group of like-minded women. In the end of each session group members leave with the insights and plan of actions that will allow them to accelerate achievement of their personal and professional aspirations.


Benefits of group coaching:


Synergetic effect


Ten heads are better than one. Group coaching maximizes the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of group members, helps to deepen knowledge and accelerate growth.
There is huge collective wisdom in a group and it’s one of the best ways to address “Not knowing what we don’t know.” Experiencing someone else being coached is a powerful way to uncover those things and gain awareness and insights we wouldn’t have otherwise.


Greater Accountability = Better Results


We are much more likely to keep commitments made publicly to a group than privately to a coach.


Feeling Better


When we are going through a challenge on our own, it’s
easy to start beating ourselves up. But put us in a group with others who are in a similar situation and suddenly we feel a lot better. Plus, you get instant support and ideas on how to resolve a certain issue.


Sharing and Contributing


Deep down we all want to make an impact and contribute to others with our ideas. Participating in a coaching group
is an excellent opportunity to do that.




Group coaching is 3-6 times less expensive than private coaching.


Possible sessions topics


Final list will be made based on the group request for particular topics and voting before the start of the cycle.

All objectives for coaching cycle identified by every group member will be addressed and worked with.


• Basis of leadership stamina: self-awareness, self-care, self-value
• Stress management
• Learned optimism vs. positive thinking
• Art of connecting: interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence
• Networking and finding mentors
• Developing personal brand
• Influencing
• Motivation and beating procrastination




Format: 10-12 people, commitment required for minimum of 8 sessions.

Venue: tbd, in Central Brussels

Time: Tuesdays at 19:00, every 2-3 weeks from mid-February to June 2017

Session duration: 1,5-2 hours.

Constant support: a closed FB group where you can share your successes, get help with challenges, receive and provide support anytime, post and find useful/ inspirational content.

Cost: 200 EUR per cycle of 8 sessions, to be paid upfront for the full programme two weeks before start of coaching.

Registration deadline: 24th of January 2017-please send your name and contact details


For questions and registration  contact Kat on kat@relaunchcoaching.com or via phone: 0479088691

Coach& facilitator: Kat Matina


Kat is an ICF certified coach and trainer who helps ambitious women to excel in their career while keeping the balance and stressing less.


She founded Relaunch Coaching – professional coaching services and personal branding consultancy provider that supports international professionals during life and career transitions and helps to successfully market themselves to employers, partners and clients. Her career, personal branding and motivation advice has been featured on Monster, Dice and Amolingua.


She is also a coach and trainer at Q3T, where she develops and delivers programmes on stress and energy management, burnout prevention, reintegration after long term absences and team development.