About Women’s Leadership and Career Coach Kat Matina

I help professional women to excel in their career and realise their natural leadership potential while keeping the balance and stressing less.

Through my courses, workshops, group programmes and private coaching I support women stepping in their power, getting higher positions, better opportunities, more money, and full recognition of their unique skills, talents and expertise.


When you reveal your Natural Leader within you will be able to:

  • get clarity on your life and career goals
  • be valued and recognized for your unique skills and expertise
  • have a successful and smooth career transition that you desire (whether to a new role or new industry)
  • boost your confidence and influence
  • find your professional voice and speak with authority and power
  • better manage your stress and energy levels
  • negotiate opportunities, promotions and money you deserve
  • lead teams with integrity and authenticity

At this moment our business, politics, public and non-profit sectors more than ever need female leaders like YOU. So if you’re ready the become a leader you were born to be, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Leadership Discovery Session today.


My Story

I’m ICF Certified Leadership and Career coach and trainer.


Prior to establishing my practice I have had a successful corporate career as a business development manager in Financial IT.

And I have been absolutely astonished by the small number of female senior managers and executives at my employer and at partner & client organizations.


I have participated in a lot of meetings with  top managers of banks and corporates. Same picture there – room full of men sometimes diversified by couple of women. Panel discussions – lucky if at least one woman was there. Financial conferences-2/3 men, 1/3 women.


Seeing absolutely brilliant and ambitious female peers around me there was clearly an issue-I kept asking why these awesome ladies never got to the top positions?


I myself had been the only female (not counting part time assistant of my boss here) in a team of seven male specialists. And I worked with most challenging emerging markets.


So I know how tough it can be defending your ideas in the room full of men, bringing up promotion requests, when 3 other colleagues are in the line for a raise, dealing with sexist jokes and constantly proving my worth for the team and company.


I had tripled sales targets, negotiated deals with top bank and corporate managers, won sales initiative award, developed challenging markets where other colleagues have not had much success.


In spite of bright development track, great salary and corporate perks- my work started to feel fake and inauthentic. I was always stressed and exhausted, looked forward for a weekend already on Monday and then tried to hide my frustrations in parting, excessive shopping and mindless couch vegetating.


I decided that I could’t continue like this anymore otherwise I would  simply have a burnout. Realisation that I was not interested in the nature of my work anymore hit me hard. And this has to be changed.


Always been passionate about psychology, coaching and applicable neuroscience I got trained as a life coach. But I was still hesitating about what to do next. The tragic stage IV cancer diagnosis of my father and his quick death made me completely re-evaluate my path. Understanding that my time in this world is limited and not knowing when it runs out made me take a radical change.  I wanted to make impact, matter and enjoy my work.  So I quit my job ( making my boss and colleagues question my sanity), trained as a career coach with Consciousness Coaching Academy, earned my ICF certification and launched my career coaching practice.


During my private sessions and workshops I met many intelligent, talented and amazing women who ( to my surprise) played small, hesitated to powerfully voice their opinions, were undervalued professionally, had huge imposter syndrome and did not get what they deserved. And these led to decrease of self-confidence, constant negative stress and sometimes burn out.


That gave an answer to my previous question. These were exact reasons why not so many of us end in top management rows, executive committees and board rooms. Puzzle got resolved.


I now intensively focus on Women’s Leadership and Career Advancement. I help professional women to uncover their true leadership nature, become confident, establish presence and authority, effectively negotiate salary and opportunities, stress less and successfully brand themselves for purposeful and enjoyable careers they deserve.


Through my courses, group programs and private coaching I teach women powerful mindset principles, career and personal branding strategies behind the success of compelling women leaders, senior managers, executives and entrepreneurs.

How can I help you?