About Women’s Leadership and Career Coach Kat Matina

I help professional women to excel in their career and realise their natural leadership potential while keeping the balance and stressing less.

Through my courses, workshops, group programmes and private coaching I support women stepping in their power, getting higher positions, better opportunities, more money, and full recognition of their unique skills, talents and expertise.


When you reveal your Natural Leader within you will be able to:

  • get clarity on your life and career goals
  • be valued and recognized for your unique skills and expertise
  • have a successful and smooth career transition that you desire (whether to a new role or new industry)
  • boost your confidence and influence
  • find your professional voice and speak with authority and power
  • better manage your stress and energy levels
  • negotiate opportunities, promotions and money you deserve
  • lead teams with integrity and authenticity

At this moment our business, politics, public and non-profit sectors more than ever need female leaders like YOU. So if you’re ready the become a leader you were born to be, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Leadership Discovery Session today.